/ Waterloo
This new action replay table game for up to six persons promises a lot of action and thrill! With novel "air pressure guns",you are able to move your figure, called "boldor", in a tactic way onto the table as well as to shoot a ball out of the hole at the bottom of your "boldor" to hit your opponent with it. On the table are also 17 obstacles (four of them are magnetic). These obstacles are movable so that the game could be made easier or more difficult.
Team spirit, skills and also the experiences of billiards (pool) and pinball machines are some advantage used for this game. The rubber bands, angles and obstacles can be used in a clever way in which you can position your "boldor" very wisely. But also beginners get motivated to improve their strategies from game to game to elliminate the opponent effectivelly, without getting in an ambush themselves...
Alone the futuristic equipment of the players with "airpressure guns" and "airpressure jackets" can cause a lot of curiosity and invites you to a totally new kind of game which is also followed with excitement by the audience.
Real team fun instead of anonymous networks - active skills instead of electronic assistants - thats the motto of this brand new game!
Waterloo, a very unique synthesis of billiards, pinball machines, strategy, fun and action!
Innovatively - made in Germany by
Player equipment
  • 1 Airpressure Jacket
  • 1 Airpressure Gun (8 Bar per game)
  • A Bolder, with 10 balls into the magazine
Game table- components
  • 13 rubber band obstacles
  • 1x continuous rubber band
  • 4 cylindrical magnet obstacles
  • 6 living person announcements a` 3 life
  • 1x compressor with 10 bar of pressure vessels
Play happening
Maximum 3 Players are facting each other, trying to shoot the respective opponents out of the game without getting shot themseslves. This is possible with the "boldors (see pictures), each one in the same colour as the players life - indicators. These "boldors" are filled with ten balls - the ammunition.
The players try with help of the airpressure - guns to put themselves into a good firing position, but also into a good protection position. Each player is allowed to make only one move and only one shot per turn. Also with the "airpressure - guns" you are able shoot the balls out of the "boldors".
with help of the rubber - obstacles you can shoot the opponent "boldor" over several gangs, but be aware of that the ball could miss the aim and comes back to one of your fellow players or to your own "boldor".
A hit of a "boldor" is acoustically shown. If your "boldor" is hit, you have to put on one of your 3 lives of your life - indicator, further you are allowed to fill up your magazine with the missing balls and you have the possibility to put your "boldor" at any position on the table you like to. The player who made the successful hit is also allowed to fill up his magazine.
You win the game when all the lives of your opponents are put on.